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E-BOOK - How Stadiums and Restaurants Are Using Self-Service Technology to Reinvent Guest Experiences and Increase Margins

Do you manage a stadium, arena or restaurant? Have you been asking yourself the following questions lately?

  • Can my sports and entertainment venue or restaurant survive without modernizing ordering and payments to keep up with changing customer expectations?
  • What can my business do to make guests feel safer?
  • How can I use technology to solve for the labor crisis, while keeping my existing employees happy?
  • What self-service trends should I be capitalizing on to increase revenue and convenience?

Digital transformation has been an integral part of growing a business for decades, but never has it been as critical as it is right now. In this new guide, we’ll walk you through the different technologies that large venues and restaurants can use to streamline the guest experience and increase revenue in 2021—and beyond.

We work with the country’s most high volume businesses including MetLife Stadium, Fenway Park, and Dodger Stadium to help them shorten lines and speed up ordering and payments at concessions, restaurants, bars and stores. Download this e-book to get timely advice and insights that can help you do the same.

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